Passing token paramaters to RDP

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Passing token paramaters to RDP

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I want to pass a variable in the guacamole URL to our RDP server. It will contain a URL string with session and token parameters. For simplicity, let's say the URL looks like this:

In my user-mapping.xml file I have this:

        username="webtest" password="pass">
        <connection name="Rdserver">
            <param name="hostname"></param>
            <param name="port">3389</param>
            <param name="security">nla</param>
            <param name="username">web</param>
            <param name="password">secret</param>
            <param name="domain">RDSERVER</param>
            <param name="remote-app">||firefox</param>
            <param name="remote-app-args">${token}</param>
            <param name="remote-app-dir" value="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox.exe"/>
            <param name="ignore-cert">true</param>
The session starts with Firefox loading, but all I get is "${token}" passed to Firefox as a parameter so it tries to open up the web page www.${token}.com instead of parsing the variable. I have tried $${token} as well. For those interested, I am trying to implement a Banner INB session that requires client side Java, which most users don't have anymore or lost with the new Firefox 52.
How do I get it to process the variable?